Frequently asked questions

Most Financial Planners (CFP) focus on investing, selling products and services for a fee or commission such as mutual funds, and annuities. The issue is if your foundation is not built- a plan for spending, saving for emergencies and paying off debt, it’s putting the cart before the horse. CFPs spend very little time (if any) making sure you can afford to invest or advising on how to prepare so that investing makes more sense. Financial Counselors help with a plan for your overall finances, especially building the basics, becoming debt free, and knowing how much you can spend to achieve your goals.
Investing in yourself is always scary and even downright difficult- I totally get it. But what does is cost to overdraw your account, or tell your kids that you can’t afford any fun or even clothes and shoes they need? Or that you can’t get them out of that shitty apartment you hate? My heart hurts to see people I know I can help change their lives but they are too afraid to take the first step.
Not at all! I have been helping people over the phone, and through email, fax etc. for years and it actually makes it so convenient. We can also work through Zoom so we can see each other, and also Voxer is a great way to connect. Technology makes it so easy to find your perfect mentor.

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