Most people have limiting beliefs around money that hold them back or are intimidated by finances in general. Sometimes there are issues from your past (especially childhood) that are holding you back financially, emotionally & spiritually today. I want you to know that you are meant to be financially free & it’s not only for those who are lucky, or born into the right family. Transforming your entire financial life just takes a better mindset + some practical strategy. And I’m totally the girl to show you the way!

Don’t lose another year or even 5 years on the struggle bus- staying in a job you hate, a relationship you don’t want or stuck in anything because your finances are a mess. You can’t get back, time, money or happiness from putting this goal on hold. Trust me- I stayed in a job I didn’t want to be in, a house in a neighborhood I didn’t want to raise my kids in and a life that sucked my soul- all because of fear. Kick it to the curb today my friend!

Take complete control of your finances. You will fix your relationship with your money (and most likely with your past along the way), and develop a plan to control spending, save money for the first time in your life, become debt free and improve your credit so you can go after those big dreams of yours. Financial freedom, building wealth and living the life of your dreams can be yours.

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Millionaire Mind Program. Work 1:1 with me intensively on creating a wealth mindset for financial prosperity, net worth and a legacy. This 6 month program that will tackle your relationship with your money, digging into childhood stuff, and rewiring your brain for success. Then we will tackle the practical strategy for financial success and wealth building. Book a short call and we can discuss if this program is a fit. Watch this short training

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Look I know it’s scary to invest in yourself, especially when your finances are a mess. But if you want to finally fix them for good, you need to work with a professional. I have 15 years of experience and I know the way. And also, I’ve been there myself. I was a lender for 10 years (crazy, huh?) and got myself into a mess- debt I couldn’t pay, struggling paycheck to paycheck and not being able to provide my kids with what they needed. My husband was more like having a third child, not the financial help I needed him to be. Then my daughter almost died (crazy story you can read all about in my book Dust Yourself Off, My Dear) and a divorce following that, I had to move in with my mom with 2 kids. I took three years to figure out how to never go down that path again, and the rest is history. I turned around my finances, became a certified financial counselor & have been helping people ever since. I have taken everything I’ve learned in the past 15 years and it’s all for your benefit, my dear!

Don’t believe me! Listen to some others I’ve helped:

I have known Beth Blanco for over 25 years. She helped me through so many financial highs and lows. Beth helped me after going through a divorce and with her guidance, knowledge and support I was able to negotiate with many debt collectors. I thought divorce had ruined me. Beth was so knowledgeable about what my rights were, what I could do to build my credit. Over a few years i worked hard at taking care of my credit report. In 2017 i was able to buy a home on my own. Step by step she walked me through everything I needed to do to become a home owner and bring my credit score up to be financially independent. Kim


I feel everyone needs a Beth in their life! If you ask me. Beth does not beat around the bush with long drawn out budgeting information. She gets right to the point of what are the bills you owe, how much money you bring in, and let’s look at your credit report. See you can tell I know the routine. She also believes to live realistically and leave some funds for fun. I love that. We have to still live and enjoy life. She has helped me understand that money is attached to your mind and how your introduction to money shapes the way you spend money. I no longer fear bill collectors because Beth supplied me with the power of financial words to be in control of the call and not them. I love her handle the mind aspects of money and then your budget. Beth has changed my life and help free my mind of the collector nightmares. I put my money in Beth’s hands any day! Amika


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Get Your Stuff Together with Your Money. 4 Lessons to walk you through building your financial foundation and mindset. Amazing deal!
Healing your Past Childhood Issues & Trauma. 4 Lessons to help you heal your past so you can step into your soul’s purpose.

There are 7 types of money personalities or Archetypes. Watch this training to find your money archetypes and how to shift into a prosperity mindset. Opt in to have it emailed to you right away.

Books Available on Amazon

Get Your Sh*t Together with Your Money. This is my first book, and helps you get all of your foundational financial life in order if you want a DIY version
Dust Yourself Off, My Dear: Nine Lessons for Living Your Best Life. Usingmy own experience of spiritual awakening to illustrate each of nine key life lessons, I invite you to shed the burdens of false beliefs, perfectionism, and self-doubt. I show you how to replace them instead with self-love and self-acceptance. Always direct, I chronicle my journey of empowerment with dry humor and unflinching honesty.

Dust Yourself Off, My Dear is nominated for an 2020 Author Academy Award.


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